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Why we do it

Reason one

We are passionate and curious about understanding the past

Reason two

We strongly believe that geo-archaeology and soil micromorphology should be more widely integrated in to archaeological projects whether that’s commercial archaeology or research.

Reason three

We aim to make people aware of the benefit of using geo-archaeology as a method of enquiry and we like to bring efficiency to the field

Our Work

Synthesising our expertise into practical results

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What our clients say


‘Val has worked with me as part of the Ardnamurchan Transitions Project where she provides geoarchaeological analysis both through auguring surveys and through morphological work. Val has been an excellent support in helping us develop (successful) grant applications, and came out to the field with us this year to collect samples for her analysis. Val is a great colleague, a good teacher for students and a hard worker. She is honest, doesn’t mind stupid questions from ignorant prehistorians (i.e. me) about geoarchaeology, and is a dynamic and creative thinker. I have enjoyed working with her over the last year or two, and look forward to continuing to develop our research together in the years to come’.

Oliver Harris | Professor of Archaeology University of Leicester

‘I first met Val as an undergraduate at the University of Stirling in 2012 when I was volunteering on an archaeological excavation in Stirling in relation to the battle of Bannockburn. Val demonstrated the basic skills I needed to work on other projects and has helped me expand my knowledge and practical skills ever since. Val’s expertise in geoarchaeology and skills in teaching have been invaluable to me and to others over the years and she has been an asset to every project she is involved in. Not only is she professional, she has an approachable manner and a unique ability to demonstrate archaeological techniques and theory in a comprehensive style that appeals to a broad range of abilities. I look forward to working with her on many more projects in the future.’

Lisa Samson | Bsc Honours Environmental Geography